Airport Transportation information:

We have various Airport transfer options available from Airport/Male” to Dhangethi Island (Our hotel / Endheri Sunset).
*Note: most visitors choose scheduled speedboat (Option-1).


OPTION-1:  Scheduled Speed boat ferry is available everyday (weekly 7 Days)..
Airport/Male’ city to Dhangethi, departure time is 10:45 am & 4:00 pm (Saturday-Thursday).
Airport/Male’ city to Dhangethi, departure time is 9:45 am & 3:00 pm (Fridays).

And from Dhangethi to Airport /Male’ city, departure time is 7:00 am & 2:45 pm (Departure from Dhangethi Harbor). (weekly 7 Days).

*Speed boat Transfer price is USD 45 per person per way. (from Male’ / Airport to Dhangethi or Dhangethi Island to Airport / Male’).
*Departure from Airport: Airport Jetty in-front of International arrival/departure terminal (Velana International Airport).
*Departure from Male’ city : Number 1 – Jetty (Presidential Jetty).
*Trip Duration: about 90 to 120 minutes (depending on weather).
*Speed boat name: Endheri Express.


OPTION-2: Domestic flight Transfer is one of the fastest & convenient way of transportation.
Domestic flight ticket price is USD 120 per person per way. The flight will travel from Male’ Airport (Velana International Airport) to Maamigili island (Villa International airport maamigili). Around 20 to 30 minutes will take (3-5 flights daily).
And from Maamigili island to Dhangethi Island to travel, need to hire speed boat. Cost would be USD 100. (around 30 minutes will take).
Total cost is USD 220 per person per way. (USD 340 for two person per way).


OPTION-3: Seaplane is another fastest way of transportation.
Seaplane ticket price is USD 200 per person per way. The flight will travel from Male’ Airport to close to Dhangethi Island (platform). Around 25 minutes will take (3-4 flights daily). 
And from platform to Dhangethi Island to travel need to hire speedboat. Cost would be USD 70. (around 10-15 minutes will take).
Total cost is USD 270 per person per way. (USD 470 for two person per way).


OPTION-4: Private speed boat service does not have any specific time to travel, and it will be arranged according to the guest preferred timings. (Depending on weather).
Cost is USD 1200 per way (Airport/Male’ to Dhangethi or Dhangethi to Airport/Male’) up to 18 person capacity.


OPTION-5: Public ferry is a local sea transportation provided by a government company named MTCC. (MTCC FERRY SCHEDULE)
Currently there is no direct ferry between Male’ city to Dhangethi Island, however if you wish to travel, from Male’ city to Mahibadhoo Island and from Mahibadhoo to Dhangethi. It is the cheapest option of transportation available, cost is about USD 5 per person per way per trip. Trips may take 6 to 8 hrs.

* From Male’ city to Mahibadhoo will be boarding from Male’ Ferry Terminal (Hulhumale’ ferry Terminal) in Male’ city at morning (~8:30 AM) Route 305. And from Mahibadhoo to Dhangethi Departure time (~13:30PM) Route 304 (Saturday, Monday & Wednesday).

* From Dhangethi to Mahibadoo Departure time (~8:40AM) Route 304. And from Mahibadhoo to Male’ city Departure time (~11:00AM) Route 305 (Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday).

* Please note that all of the above transfer options would be provided by a third party service provider for which the property could not be held responsible, in case of cancellation or delays due to weather or any other conditions. However the property would corporate with you in attaining best available option. And transfer rates are subject to change due to weather and availability.