Location / Dhangethi Island

Dhangethi is located Southern Ari atoll. ( also known as Alif Dhaal atoll or Ari Atoll). This is the place where you can experience the tropical beauty of Maldives in one place. Explore the Maldivian culture and relax on the white sandy beaches with sun and enjoy the crystal clear lagoon , and the lush greenery all around is a treat to experience. Apart from the beach life, there is a lot more to explore in the narrow streets which look quirky and colorful with their bright houses. Several souvenir shops, convenience stores, modern cafés and restaurants make Dhangethi an extremely tourist-friendly Island.

Some of the important places in Dhangethi include Bikini beach, Health Centre, Police station, the Council Secretariat Office, Dhangethi School, Court, the Traditional Mosque, Youth center, Children’s playground, Volley court, Football ground & Dhiraagu branch (telecom company office). Population of Dhangethi is about 1200 people, but only less than 500 people live on the island. Most of the People have moved to Capital city of Maldives (Male’ city) for Education and better job opportunities. Major economic activities of the residents include fishing, lodging and tourism related business mainly.

Our local islands with respect to our religion there are local customs to be considered and respected.Since Maldives is a 100 percent Muslim country with conservative values, there is no Alcohol available in our local islands, thus making it a perfectly healthy holiday for you.